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CMEH、CMEH2016、CMEH官网、CMEH医疗展 www.china-medfair.com 

     Chinese Medical Market:
• World’s 2nd largest market for medical equipment
• Import value of medical equipment: USD 12.472 billion
• Healthcare spending in 2012: USD458.2 billion
• Number of hospitals by the end of 2012: 23,170
• Number of medical device manufacturers: Over 15,000
• Average 20% annual growth rate since 2009 and will be maintained in the next 3 years
• Total trade value for medical devices reached USD 30 billion by the end of 2012, 13% increase than 2011
• Main driving factors: rapid economic growth; large population and a growing elderly population, government investment in healthcare infrastructure and full medical coverage for all nationals.


CMEH、CMEH2016、CMEH官网、CMEH医疗展 www.china-medfair.com 


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